User Reviews/Feedback for Sophia Electric™ Princess 274B Mesh Plate Tube

Sophia Electric Princess 274B mesh plate tubes with Musica Bella 'LeAnna EV Plus' tube linestage

Received date: June 12, 2014


I just wanted to provide a little feedback on Sophia Electric Princess 274B Mesh Plate rectifier tube. I recently designed a tube power supply for our Musica Bella 'LeAnna EV Plus' tube linestage. One of the first priorities was to make it compatible with both 5AR4 and 5U4 type tubes specifically so we could use the 274B. For this we went with a choke input design.

Skipping ahead..... After listening to many rectifiers, it was time to throw in Sophia Electric Princess 274B Mesh Plate. All I can say is, not only is it one of the coolest looking rectifiers of the bunch but most certainly the best sounding. For those who do not believe a rectifier tube has any impact on sound, I can only advise they listen to a product that shows the true colors of the power supply and rectifier tube.

Bill Baker
Musica Bella Audio