Reviewer Terry London on Sophia Electric™ 126S-03 Amplifier

Received date: July 5, 2013

I have nothing but great respect for Sophia Electric as a company based on the quality and sonic performance of their wonderful line of 300B tubes. Historically I never had heard any of their amplifiers even though they are highly regarded by many music lovers and a few professional reviewers that I trust in how they hear things.

I have had in house for review the Sophia Electric Magic 126S-03 amplifier for over two months now. It has been in my big reference system and my smaller system with many different speakers. As Richard had explained to me when we were setting up the review, if someone wants the beauty of a SET 300B but needs more current/watts to drive less efficient speakers, this is the amplifier they would want.

The build quality and appearance of the Sophia Electric 126S-03 amplifier is at a very high level. Briefly, this amplifier throws a realistic layered sound stage, has an overall grain-less liquidity, beautiful timbres and tone, each player on that sound stage was three-dimensional with a palpable presence, and finally great macro-dynamics with extension on the top and bottom frequencies. Does that sound like a beautiful SET 300B presentation of real music, yes indeed!

This will be an amplifier I will hate to see go back to Sophia Electric because it's a joy to listen to in either of my systems. Just like their family of 300B tubes that just get better and better in their performance as you go up the line, remember the 126S-03 is the least expensive model of this amplifier that Sophia Electric builds, what the heck would the next two models above it sound like! If those two upgraded models follow the pattern of their 300B tubes pathway to higher musicality the 126S-05 and limited edition 126S-05 would have to be in the stratosphere of giving the illusion of real music.

Terry London: Staff Reviewer for

126S-03 amplifier