S.E.T. Princess™ Model I Speakers By Sophia Electric
2 Way Stand Mount Made in Virginia, USA

Model I speakers

Price: $2,500 per pair

Features: Easy to drive, due to the flat 8 ohm impedance. Great for single ended 300B amps. It has amazing smooth natural sounding (also perfect by engineering point of view). It is perfect for jazz, vocal and acoustic recording. It rocks too.

It is voiced to be the finest in its class or at any price level. Using modified Scan-speak drivers and high-end parts for crossover network: non-inductive Caddock resistors, Sophia Electric capacitors/inductors. Simply, there is no such thing available before SET Princess speakers come to the market.

Model I speakers


Efficiency: 88 dB
Impedance: 8 ohm flat (easy to drive)
Frequency Range: 45Hz – 30K Hz +/-3dB
Speaker Size per channel: Height: 16 inches
Width: 9 inches
Depth: 12 inches
Shipping weight per pair: 55 lbs
Drivers: Modified Scan-speak and Seas
Recommended power: 8 watts to 100 watts

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