Sophia Electric™ S.E.T. Princess™ 300B 2.5V Mesh Plate Tubes for 2A3 Amplifiers


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Introducing the latest Sophia Electric "S.E.T.Princess 300B 2.5V" tubes. This Princess 300B 2.5V mesh plate tube is the upper class model of the current 300B 2.5V line (globe shape is still in production). This new tube is using the same 300B 2.5V plate(as the globe 300B 2.5V) with stronger plate structure learned from making the original princess tubes. It will work with all 2A3 amplifiers.

The glass enclosure was from the princess tube for its unmatched sonic beauty. The shape of glass enclosure does make a major difference. Just thinking of violin's shape, if it gets changed to triangle, the sound character of violin will change for sure.

The Princess 300B 2.5V mesh plate tube has more volume and more curved than the old ST. It is not the old ST came back rather it is a carefully crafted, researched new 300B 2.5V model. The result is it has super clarity, low distortion and out of this world mid range fullness and liquidity. High frequency extension and sweetness is the first thing you would hear.

Sophia Electric Princess 300B 2.5V mesh plate

Distribution and availability:

This is a tube model only available worldwide from Sophia Electric and Sophia Electric Distributors. Please call 703-204-1429 or send payment by Paypal, or by fax: 703-560-3502. We take most credit cards, money order/Checks and bank wire-transfers.

Option 1: $475 per premium matched pair with one year warranty.
Option 2: $425 per premium matched pair with 30 days warranty.

For U.S. domestic shipment, we use USPS priority mail with insurance -- $15 for up to 4 tubes. Express shipping is also available at higher shipping cost.
For international shipment, we either use DHL or USPS express. Please email us your country and city, so we can find out the shipping cost for you.

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