Sophia Electric Capacitor

Sophia Electric™ 0.22mfd/400V Tin Foils Capacitor

Design: One step above our own metalized polypropelene capacitor for a premium price, made in the United States.

Sonic character: great transparency, enhanced resolution and liquidity than the popular copper, tin, or aluminum foil or metalized PP caps. It is recommended for high-end vacuum tube or solid state amplifiers, pre-amp or CD inter-stage coupling or signal output.

Price: $20/each
Sophia Electric Capacitor

Sophia Electric™ Metalized polypropelene Capacitor

Design: Metalized polypropelene capacitor, made in USA with finest European polypropelene and US made material. Listed for 400V, however, should have no problem in 2x VDC circuit.

Sonic character: transparent highs, fuller mid range and excellent bass extension. One step ahead competition for performance(and for cost). User can use this cap for upgrade existing capacitors in amplifier/pre-amp/CD signal coupling and even use this cap for power supply by-pass electrolytic capacitors for high frequency extension(airy highs).

0.47mfd/400V: $14/each
0.22mfd/400V: $12/each

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