Sophia Electric™ Model M88-01 KT88 Push-Pull Mono-block Tube Amplifiers

Introducing Sophia Electric KT88-01 mono-block amplifiers:

Sophia Electric dealers around the world are anxious waiting for this landmark amplifier for a few reasons:

1. Incredible sonic beauty and refinement

2. 50 Watts per channel x 2, enough power to drive almost all speakers in the market.

3. Excellent bass extension, earthshaking dynamics, and big open top end.

4. Circuit designed and voiced by Richard Wugang, made in-house.

5. Transformers: Designed by Richard Wugang, made in-house.

6. Introductory special: $5,000 per pair with all tubes (stock tubes are either Russian tubes or Shuguang tubes) for US Voltage model,
or $5000 per pair for European/Asian/Japanese voltage model

300B amplifier

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