Sophia Electric™ Baby amplifier II with optional headphone amplifier function


New Sophia Electric single ended integrated Baby Amplifier delivers 5 watts per channel x 2 of glorious lush magical sound, exceptional wide bandwidth, resolution and dynamics. More powerful than typical 2A3 single ended amplifiers. It can drive Sophia Electric made Model One(88dB) and Model Two speakers(88 dB) nicely in a typical home setting or in an office.

Retail Price $999.99

Optional headphone amplifier function is being built on custom order at $399.99 extra, perfect for high impedance headphones HD600, HD650, Hifiman HE600 as well as low impedance Grado 125, Philips 9500, and Sony headphones. All above mentioned headphone models have been tested. Other headphones with similar impedance characters should work as well.

This single ended Baby headphone amplifier has transformer output, so the sonic performance is light-years ahead of those entry level headphone amplifiers that do not have transformer output.

Since 2001, Sophia Electric Baby Amplifier has built a track record for Audiophile sonic performance and superior reliability. This new single ended Baby amplifier is expected to be a winner as well.

Baby II amplifier

Baby II amplifier

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