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New addition CD017 & CD018: breathtaking vocal singing in English and true audiophile recording quality. A must have for every audiophile.

CD #: CD017
CD017 - Sofia Kallgreen sings
popular Oriental Love songs in English
CD #: CD018
CD018 - Sofia Kallgreen sings love songs
and Oriental folk songs in English

Sophia Electric newly released 16 audiophile CDs. Recorded by Grammy Award full voting member Mr. YE of CloudStream Lab. Absolutely one of the best recordings in the marketplace.

1. CD001 could be the best cello disc ever heard if you only want one disc.

2. A starterís kit consists of 3 discs: CD001(Cello on Chopin and other masters ) + CD003(Violin on Hollywood movie melodies) + CD006(Accordion on Italian and Spanish songbook).

3. For those who understand Chinese lyrics, I would recommend CD009, CD014, CD015, and CD016. Great vocal performance.

4. For traditional Chinese music, I would recommend CD005, CD010, and CD011.

5. There is no single disc that is not audiophile grade in this collection. Once you have a chance to listen, you would appreciate it.

CD #: CD001
CD001 - Solo Cello
CD #: CD002
CD002 - Solo Violin
CD #: CD003
CD003 - Violin on Movie Melodies
CD004 - Angel's Harp
CD004 - Angel's Harp
CD005 - Er hu (Chinese Violin)
CD005 - Er hu (Chinese Violin)
CD006 - Accordion on Italian Song Book
CD006 - Accordion on Italian Song Book
CD #: CD007
CD007 - Violin on Chinese Movie Melodies
In CD007, virtuoso violinist Chai Liang, a renowned violinist and former violin faculty of New York Juilliard School of Music, plays solo violin on Chinese Movie Melodies. Chai Liangís violin performance is very rich in texture at a level close to Perlman, Bell, and Shaham, but with his own characters. Chai Liang also featured in CD003 on Hollywood Melodies.
CD #: CD008
CD008 - Songs by National Youth Choir
CD #: CD009
CD009 Memory of Old Shanghai
CD #: CD010
CD010 - Gu Qin
CD #: CD011
CD011 - Pi Pa(guitar alike,
Chinese Ancient music instrument)
CD #: CD012
CD012 - Jazz
CD #: CD013
CD013 - Piano Duo
CD #: CD011
CD014 - The Song of Songs (serial 1)
CD #: CD012
CD015 - The Song of Songs (serial 2)
CD #: CD013
CD016 - Opera

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